Frosted Flakes Is Worse 4 U Than Bong Hits

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As many of you have heard and seen the Olympic record breaking Gold Medalist Michael Phelps’s infamous “bong hit” photos, I just wanted to say that its sad that we live in a society where someone who has achieved such greatness is frowned upon by the media and population at large for taking a hit of weed… I’m not saying that winning 14 career Olympic gold medals, the most by any Olympian, gives you the right to get away with anything but I can think of plenty of worse things he could be doing than taking a bong hit. For me, it only means that he has just joined the ranks of inspirational smokers who have had tremendous influence over me… Bob Marley, Jimi Hendrix, The Beatles to name a few. I know I’m only mentioning musical cats, but it doesn’t matter if someone inspires me through music or sports or acting or painting… inspiration can come from anywhere and Phelps inspired the whole world last August.  I just read that Kelloggs (who makes the sugar coated gene splicing Frosted Flakes for kids) dropped their contract with him because they “want to teach him a lesson”. I can understand people being upset if he was doing performance enhancing drugs but cmon… smoking pot? I guess Kelloggs won’t be coming out with Hemp Cereal any time soon.

Michael Phelps on the cover of High Times

Michael Phelps on the cover of High Times

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