M83 at Disney Hall Los Angeles

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Thanx 2 our good friend DJ Brian (moontribe), I got to check out M83 with the Los Angeles Philharmonic last night at the Disney Hall in downtown Los Angeles. I didn’t have the greatest seats, but at this venue there really are no bad seats.

For those of you who are not familiar with M83 you can check him out here. Nick and I got turned on to his new album “Saturday = Youth” very recently by DJ Brian. My favorite tracks are “We Own The Sky” and “Kim & Jessie”.

Going into this show I had no idea what to expect. Anthony Gonzalez (M83) had his setup in the middle of the orchestra consisting of 3 or 4 keyboards, a laptop and various effect units that I could not make out from where I was seated.

He started out the show on his own tweaking atmospheric electronic sounds and setting the mood for the evening to come. After about 30 minutes of synth mayhem, the LA Philharmonic took to the stage and performed Arvo P?§rt‚Äôs ‚ÄúFratres. This was a very interesting piece that seemed to be the perfect dessert for the electro-synthesis we had just heard.

After intermission the Orchestra showed off their skill with ‚ÄúLa Mer‚Äù by Claude Debussy incorporating the horn section.¬† At the end, Anthony joined them on stage and performed a couple tracks from an older album of his “Before The Dawn Heals Us”.

Overall it was a great show.

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