Zack & Nick Rehearsing 4 Vampire Formal in Vegas

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We had 2 take a break from recording today to do a little bit (or a lot!) of programming and rehearsing for our show this Saturday in Vegas for Indie Krush’s Vampire Formal.¬† We’re looking forward 2 the show…if all goes well, there will be plenty of blooooood to go around MuAHH HAHAHA! Aside from [...]

A.i. teams up with Topspin

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We are excited to announce that we’ve begun working with Topspin Media. Topspin is a media technology company that is developing leading-edge marketing software and services that help artists get their music out there while building businesses and brands. Using their cutting edge tools we will be able to get our music in YOUR hands and [...]

A Song for Barack Obama – “Time 4 Change”

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This song goes out to Barack Obama on the day of his inauguration. All our blessings!¬† I wrote this song almost 20 years ago when i first started learning to write.¬† Hope u guys dig it… Change Directions (A Song 4 Change) The wind pushes clouds that push our life On a hidden road for either darkness or [...]

“You Served” Podcast w/ Nick and First Sergeant CJ Grisham

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In case you missed it. Here is the podcast that Nick did with First Sergeant CJ Grisham about our song and video TIME 2 COME HOME. LISTEN HERE CJ Grisham is one of the most recognized military bloggers around. He is an author for ‚”You Served” – a leading weblog focused on the Military and [...]

Human Error @ Sundance Film Festival 2004

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The 2009 Sundance film festival kicked off on Friday in Park City, Utah. Filmmakers from around the world gather there to debut their latest projects, ski, mingle and in the end, get drunk and run around in the snow naked. Ok, well maybe not that last one.We have been to the festival several times since [...] Gives A.i. 4 Point 5 Star Review!

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Par Winberg, editior in chief of out of Sweden, recently gave our album ‘Sex & Robots’ an awesome review… Check it! “A.i. is a REALLY cool band somewhere between classic 80’s new wave, electronica (both retro and new) and pop. This is probably what The Police would have sounded like if they were newcomers the [...]

Indie 103.1 Broadcasting Exclusively Online

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You haven’t heard? Indie 103.1 has sadly gone off the airwaves and is being forced to live exclusively online. I say “sadly” because its nice to be able to drive in LA rush hour traffic and have the option to flip on the fm radio and hear cool new cutting edge music… at [...]

I Know What A.i. Did Last Summer

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U do?!?!?!  In case u don’t know what we did last summer, we were visiting our folks in Holderness, New Hampshire and recording new music for Secrets /// Under the Covers. Check out some of the photos of Zack in our makeshift studio we put together 100 feet away from White Oak Pond in the [...]

Time 2 Come Home

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TIME 2 COME HOME is dedicated to the families of our fallen soldiers and to the safe return home of those still fighting overseas.

A.i. Drumkit Featured in Modern Drummer Magazine

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When we finished our album "Sex & Robots", we were inspired to create a stage setup that focused on us and our instruments. We call our stage setup "Cloud 9" ...